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Beauty is an inside job!

I woke up Saturday after a late night gig at Listons Bar and Grill in Worthington. I took a look at my reflection in the mirror. A title for a new song popped into my head: “Thank God Beauty Is an Inside Job!!”

I’ll be working on that. Listons is one of a kind. I mean that in good way. We arrived to unpack and set up at around 8 PM. The lot parking lot appeared to be almost full with cars and trucks. When I was able to locate a spot to squeeze the Explore into Margaret and I were able to see beyond the other on-road vehicles. Marg said “can you believe this? I have never seen this many snowmobiles in one place.” It was a veritable sea of sleds.

Inside, it was wall to wall snowmobile suits, each filled with a human being eating a large plate of well prepared food. The aroma was pleasing. It was a challenge not to sit down and order a plate but we were there to work. Chowing down would have to wait.

Steve is great host and knows his business. As soon as a couple of tables cleared he had them moved to allow us to set up the noise making gear.

As we held forth with the Resurrection Airmen’s version of Texas Dance Hall music with a New England Twist, the crowd got just rowdy enough and loud enough to make it fun. The good times and out in the woods location put me in mind of the dance hall in Luchenbach Texas, at least until I ventured outside during a break and froze the fringe on my buckskin jacket.

The Airmen play country music without prejudice. A few weeks prior to the gig Steve asked if we could add a couple of Neil Young tunes to play in honor of a Listons patron who passed away in the last year. We obliged with “Heart of Gold” and “Southern Man”. Our piano man, Michael Johns (aka Mike Parziale), turned in a great vocal for “Southern Man” for a strong round of applause. I dusted off my ancient “G” Blues Harp for “Heart of Gold”. I think it went okay as we received a request to repeat the tune before the night ran out.

I stepped outside for a break. As I looked to the North, I could see the moon clothed in light clouds through a stand of tall pines. Incredibly beautiful! Later that night as we were loading the vehicles above us was a clear star studded mountain top sky. The view alone was with the ride. But Steve paid us anyway. What a nice guy!!:>)

I send a heartfelt thanks to drummer, Rich Mayer, who, at the very last minute drove in from Brattleboro, VT to fill in on drums for our scheduled percussion guy who was suffering with a severe cold. Rich’s performance was spot on, he never missed a beat. You can bet we’ll invite him back.

At the end of the last set Steve asked us to play a tune of our choice. We chose a “Uncle Sam’s Birthday” a track form our soon to be released CD TEXAS STATE OF MIND. It was good fit as the lyrics where inspired by my affection for small towns like Worthington, MA, Covington, LA and Luchenbach, TX.

In closing I’ll share the lyrics:

Uncle Sam’s Birthday

Deep in the heartland off the main highway

down a long dirt road in the mesquite shade

fiddles and guitars will play in an old dance hall.

They'll start with The Star Spangled Banner in the fading sunlight

in Small Town America on the fourth of July.

Boot heels are sliding across the dance hall

Cowboys and cowgirls dancing wall to wall.

They're eating slow cooked brisket and sweet apple pie.

There’s red, white and blue everywhere in sight

In Small Town America on the fourth of July


Where they're flag waving, two stepping, rowdy and loud.

Every color God made, independent and proud.

They sure love to party on the fourth of July

doing Uncle Sam's birthday countrified.

Pretty little farm girls in their boots and jeans

Swinging and swaying to steel guitar strings.

Old Glory waving in God's own sky.

Children's faces glowing in the firework's light

In Small Town America on the fourth of July.

Freedom ain't free and life ain't fair

Small towns are doing more than their fair share

Sending their young folk to fight for this home of the brave

They'll thank those who returned and honor those who died

In Small Town America on the fourth of July


Copyright 2011 Creswell God Bless Hope to see you at the next gig. Ya’ll be sure to wave and say howdy!!

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