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Mike Parziale

I was born 3/18/52 in Brockton Mass and started playing accordion in Brockton at the age of six. I began Piano lessons at age 8 and didn’t like it at all, but kept going per my parents.


I finally convinced my father to buy me a used Farfisa organ and Fender Bandmaster amp in the summer of ‘67. I told my father I could join a band and make money. I joined a band with my friends the same day.


I took up guitar at 15 and was playing along with records in a week. My main interest was rock, but I also played some commercial gigs with various people while in high school. While at UMass in Amherst, I played in various bands. At the same time I minored in music and took a number of music theory classes.


I continued playing with various people, playing all types of music, and eventually led my own, somewhat successful, GB band called “Celebration” in ‘80’s playing bars, weddings and functions. I developed interest and ability in playing jazz standards, country hits, blues, even polkas.


I continue to jam with friends, work on various duos, trios and larger bands. I’m currently with Resurrection Airmen and always pursuing solo gigs.

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