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1917: My dad was born. He was raised in Texas on the Mexican border. He was a real cowboy in his youth and spent ample time watching the southern end of northbound cattle from the back of his cow pony. He learned to finger pick guitar in a style that seems to have been unique to that part of the country from his fellow Mexican cowpokes. My dad mixed that picking style for what passed as country music in the 1930's and tried to teach it to me on our family Sears and Roebuck flat top box. But I was too smart for that stuff. As soon I learned three chords I was off to find the Rock and Roll Rainbow.


1966: Ray Charles released his recording of Buck Owens, Crying Time . Hearing one of the best Soul/Rhythm&Blues artists of that time cover a tune penned by a Bakersfield Country player helped me understand that Country music was my calling. Unfortunately, I ignored that calling and continued to chase the Rock and Roll rainbow for a number of years. Alas, "Youth is wasted on the young"


1967: I traded my treasured album Tequila by the Champs for Rubber Soul By the Beatles. With its acoustic country feel and thematic musical approach the album helped me gain an appreciation for intelligent arrangements and solid production values.


1980 My "Rock&Roll Fever" broke. I was pedal to metal into Gospel and Country and I haven't hit the brakes yet.

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